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1080P USB Camera HTI-UC320

HTI-UC320 is a 1080P HD USB camera that provides a professionalquality video and audio experience for users. It not only equips with best-in-class camera whose horizontal field of view is up to 84.5°, but also integrates built-in omnidirectional microphone that can clearly pick up audio from up to 3 meters away. HTI-UC320 can work with mainstream video conferencing platforms, providing high compatibility and seamless integration for people in both business and life scenarios.

Application scenario

Apllicable for remote video conference, remote teachings, portrait collection, etc.

Download information

1080P FHD      
Support 1080P Full HD with super resolution up to 1080P@30fps/25fps, and it's horizontal field of view can be up to 84.5°
Full functional USB, 2.0 connection, plug and play, provides power supply, video and audio functions;
Built in Microphone    
Omnidirectional built-in microphone with 3 meters pickup distance,provides business-class audio performance;
Low Illumination                                                  
The ultra-high SNR CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce image noise at low light conditions. Meanwhile, 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms are employed to sharply reduce image noise. So the images keep clean and clear even under ultra-low light conditions.
Easy Installation      
Equipped with a clamp and standard threaded holes, the camera support to install on top of screen or on desktop with a tripod.
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Apllicable for remote video conference, remote teachings, portrait collection, etc.


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